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Mente, Andrew and Dehghan, Mahshid and Rangarajan, Sumathy and McQueen, Matthew and Dagenais, Gilles and Wielgosz, Andreas and Lear, Scott and Li, Wei and Chen, Hui and Yi, Sun and Wang, Yang and Diaz, Rafael and Avezum, Alvaro and Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio and Seron, Pamela and Kumar, Rajesh and Gupta, Rajeev and Mohan, V and Swaminathan, Sumathi and Kutty, Raman and Zatonska, Katarzyna and Iqbal, Romaina and Yusuf, Rita and Mohammadifard, Noushin and Khatib, Rasha and Nasir, Nafiza Mat and Ismail, Noorhassim and Oguz, Aytekin and Rosengren, Annika and Yusufali, Afzalhussein and Wentzel-Viljoen, Edelweiss and Puoane, Thandi and Chifamba, Jephat and Teo, Koon and Anand, Sonia S and Yusuf, Salim and Yusuf, S and Rangarajan, S and Teo, K K and Chow, C K and O'Donnell, M and Mente, A and Leong, D and Smyth, A and Joseph, P and Merchant, A and Islam, S and Zhang, M and Hu, W and Ramasundarahettige, C and Wong, G and Bangdiwala, S and Dyal, L and Casanova, A and Dehghan, M and Lewis, G and Aliberti, A and Arshad, A and Reyes, A and Zaki, A and Lewis, B and Zhang, B and Agapay, D and Hari, D and Milazzo, E and Ramezani, E and Hussain, F and Shifaly, F and McAlpine, G and Kay, I and Lindeman, J and Rimac, J and Swallow, J and Heldman, L and Mushtaha, M(a) and Mushtaha, M(o) and Trottier, M and Riggi, M and Aoucheva, N and Kandy, N and Mackie, P and Solano, R and Chin, S and Ramacham, S and Shahrook, S and Trottier, S and Tongana, T and ElSheikh, W and Iyengar, Y and McQueen, M and Hall, K and Keys, J and Wang, X and Keneth, J and Devanath, A and Diaz, R and Orlandini, A and Linetsky, B and Toscanelli, S and Casaccia, G and Cuneo, JM Maini and Rahman, O and Yusuf, R and Azad, AK and Rabbani, KA and Cherry, HM and Mannan, A and Hassan, I and Talukdar, AT and Tooheen, RB and Khan, MU and Sintaha, M and Choudhury, T and Haque, R and Parvin, S and Avezum, A and Oliveira, GB and Marcilio, CS and Mattos, AC and Teo, K and Yusuf, S and Dejesus, J and Agapay, D and Tongana, T and Solano, R and Kay, I and Trottier, S and Rimac, J and Elsheikh, W and Heldman, L and Ramezani, E and Dagenais, G and Poirier, P and Turbide, G and Auger, D and De Bluts, A LeBlanc and Proulx, MC and Cayer, M and Bonneville, N and Lear, S and Gasevic, D and Corber, E and de Jong, V and Vukmirovich, I and Wielgosz, A and Fodor, G and Pipe, A and Shane, A and Lanas, F and Seron, P and Martinez, S and Valdebenito, A and Oliveros, M and Wei, Li and Lisheng, Liu and Chunming, Chen and Xingyu, Wang and Wenhua, Zhao and Hongye, Zhang and Xuan, Jia and Bo, Hu and Yi, Sun and Jian, Bo and Xiuwen, Zhao and Xiaohong, Chang and Tao, Chen and Hui, Chen and Xiaohong, Chang and Qing, Deng and Xiaoru, Cheng and Qing, Deng and Xinye, He and Bo, Hu and Xuan, Jia and Jian, Li and Juan, Li and Xu, Liu and Bing, Ren and Yi, Sun and Wei, Wang and Yang, Wang and Jun, Yang and Yi, Zhai and Hongye, Zhang and Xiuwen, Zhao and Manlu, Zhu and Fanghong, Lu and Jianfang, Wu and Yindong, Li and Yan, Hou and Liangqing, Zhang and Baoxia, Guo and Xiaoyang, Liao and Shiying, Zhang and Rongwen, Bian and Xiuzhen, Tian and Dong, Li and Di, Chen and Jianguo, Wu and Yize, Xiao and Tianlu, Liu and Peng, Zhang and Changlin, Dong and Ning, Li and Xiaolan, Ma and Yuqing, Yang and Rensheng, Lei and Minfan, Fu and Jing, He and Yu, Liu and Xiaojie, Xing and Qiang, Zhou and Lopez-Jaramillo, P and Lopez, PA Camacho and Garcia, R and Jurado, LJA and Gómez-Arbeláez, D and Arguello, JF and Dueñas, R and Silva, S and Pradilla, LP and Ramirez, F and Molina, DI and Cure-Cure, C and Perez, M and Hernandez, E and Arcos, E and Fernandez, S and Narvaez, C and Paez, J and Sotomayor, A and Garcia, H and Sanchez, G and David, T and Rico, A and Mony, P and Vaz, M and Bharathi, A V and Swaminathan, S and Kurpad, K Shankar AV and Jayachitra, KG and Kumar, N and Hospital, HAL and Mohan, V and Deepa, M and Parthiban, K and Anitha, M and Hemavathy, S and Rahulashankiruthiyayan, T and Anitha, D and Sridevi, K and Gupta, R and Panwar, RB and Mohan, I and Rastogi, P and Rastogi, S and Bhargava, R and Kumar, R and Thakur, J S and Patro, B and Lakshmi, PVM and Mahajan, R and Chaudary, P and Kutty, V Raman and Vijayakumar, K and Ajayan, K and Rajasree, G and Renjini, AR and Deepu, A and Sandhya, B and Asha, S and Soumya, HS and Kelishadi, R and Bahonar, A and Mohammadifard, N and Heidari, H and Yusoff, K and Ismail, TST and Ng, KK and Devi, A and Nasir, NM and Yasin, MM and Miskan, M and Rahman, EA and Arsad, MKM and Ariffin, F and Razak, SA and Majid, FA and Bakar, NA and Yacob, MY and Zainon, N and Salleh, R and Ramli, MKA and Halim, NA and Norlizan, SR and Ghazali, NM and Arshad, MN and Razali, R and Ali, S and Othman, HR and Hafar, CWJCW and Pit, A and Danuri, N and Basir, F and Zahari, SNA and Abdullah, H and Arippin, MA and Zakaria, NA and Noorhassim, I and Hasni, MJ and Azmi, MT and Zaleha, MI and Hazdi, KY and Rizam, AR and Sazman, W and Azman, A and Khatib, R and Khammash, U and Khatib, A and Giacaman, R and Iqbal, R and Afridi, A and Khawaja, R and Raza, A and Kazmi, K and Dans, A and Co, HU and Sanchez, JT and Pudol, L and Zamora-Pudol, C and Palileo-Villanueva, LAM and Aquino, MR and Abaquin, C and Pudol, SL and Cabral, ML and Zatonski, W and Szuba, A and Zatonska, K and Ilow, R and Ferus, M and Regulska-Ilow, B and Rózanska, D and Wolyniec, M and AlHabib, KF and Hersi, A and Kashour, T and Alfaleh, H and Alshamiri, M and Altaradi, HB and Alnobani, O and Bafart, A and Alkamel, N and Ali, M and Abdulrahman, M and Nouri, R and Kruger, A and Voster, H H and Schutte, A E and Wentzel-Viljoen, E and Eloff, FC and de Ridder, H and Moss, H and Potgieter, J and Roux, AA and Watson, M and de Wet, G and Olckers, A and Jerling, JC and Pieters, M and Hoekstra, T and Puoane, T and Igumbor, E and Tsolekile, L and Sanders, D and Naidoo, P and Steyn, N and Peer, N and Mayosi, B and Rayner, B and Lambert, V and Levitt, N and Kolbe-Alexander, T and Ntyintyane, L and Hughes, G and Swart, R and Fourie, J and Muzigaba, M and Xapa, S and Gobile, N and Ndayi, K and Jwili, B and Ndibaza, K and Egbujie, B and Rosengren, A and Bengtsson Boström, K and Gustavsson, A and Andreasson, M and Snällman, M and Wirdemann, L and Yeates, K and Sleeth, J and Kilonzo, K and Oguz, A and Imeryuz, N and Altuntas, Y and Gulec, S and Temizhan, A and Karsidag, K and Calik, KBT and Akalin, AAK and Caklili, OT and Keskinler, MV and Erbakan, AN and Yusufali, AM and Almahmeed, W and Swidan, H and Darwish, EA and Hashemi, ARA and Al-Khaja, N and Muscat-Baron, JM and Ahmed, SH and Mamdouh, TM and Darwish, WM and Abdelmotagali, MHS and Awed, SA Omer and Movahedi, GA and Hussain, F and Al Shaibani, H and Gharabou, RIM and Youssef, DF and Nawati, AZS and Salah, ZAR Abu and Abdalla, RFE and Al Shuwaihi, SM and Al Omairi, MA and Cadigal, OD and Alejandrino, R.S. and Chifamba, J and Gwaunza, L and Terera, G and Mahachi, C and Murambiwa, P and Machiweni, T and Mapanga, R (2017) Association of dietary nutrients 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