About the Repository

About MDRF:

The prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus is growing in epidemic proportions all over the world, particularly in India. It is now known that India has the highest number of diabetic subjects, in the world even higher than China and USA. India has the highest prevalence rates of diabetes i.e about 20% of the total diabetic population in the world. In 1996, Dr. V. Mohan and Dr. M. Rema felt the need for an exclusive Diabetes Research Foundation to do original research work with the excellent infrastructural facilities. This resulted in the setting up of the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF)


MDRF scientists do research on Diabetes and related fields and publish the outputs in professional journals and conferences. With a view to eliminating barriers to access our local research outputs, this open access repository has been set up. Here MDRF scientists archive post-prints of the research papers soon after it is accepted by journal publishers. In some cases published version is archived with "Request Copy" facility. Users can send "article request" through this facility. Dr. MGR Medical University and University of Madras have recognized MDRF as a research centre for PhD program. Eprints@MDRF holds all the theses guided by MDRF scientists