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and Ilow#, R and Ferus, M and Regulska-Ilow, B and Różańska, D and Wolyniec, M and AlHabib, KF and Hersi, A and Kashour, T and Alfaleh, H and Alshamiri, M and Altaradi, HB and Alnobani, O and Bafart, A and Alkamel, N and Ali, M and Abdulrahman, M and Nouri, R and Kruger, A and Voster, H H and Schutte, A E and Wentzel-Viljoen, E and Eloff, FC and de Ridder, H and Moss, H and Potgieter, J and Roux, AA and Watson, M and de Wet, G and Olckers, A and Jerling, JC and Pieters, M and Hoekstra, T and Puoane, T and Igumbor, E and Tsolekile, L and Sanders, D and Naidoo, P and Steyn, N and Peer, N and Mayosi, B and Rayner, B and Lambert, V and Levitt, N and Kolbe-Alexander, T and Ntyintyane, L and Hughes, G and Swart, R and Fourie, J and Muzigaba, M and Xapa, S and Gobile, N and Ndayi, K and Jwili, B and Ndibaza, K and Egbujie, B and Rosengren, A and Boström, K Bengtsson and Lindblad, U and Langkilde, P and Gustavsson, A and Andreasson, M and Snällman, M and Wirdemann, L and Pettersson, K and Moberg, E and Yeates, K and Sleeth, J and Kilonzo, K and Oguz, A and Akalin, AAK and Calik, KBT and Imeryuz, N and Temizhan, A and Alphan, E and Gunes, E and Sur, H and Karsidag, K and Gulec, S and Altuntas, Y and Yusufali, AM and Almahmeed, W and Swidan, H and Darwish, EA and Hashemi, ARA and Al-Khaja, N and Muscat-Baron, JM and Ahmed, SH and Mamdouh, TM and Darwish, WM and Abdelmotagali, MHS and Awed, SA Omer and Movahedi, GA and Hussain, F and Shaibani, H Al and Gharabou, RIM and Youssef, DF and Nawati, AZS and Salah, ZAR Abu and Abdalla, RFE and Shuwaihi, SM Al and Omairi, MA Al and Cadigal, OD and Alejandrino, R.S. and Chifamba, J and Gwaunza, L (2017) Availability and affordability of blood pressure-lowering medicines and the effect on blood pressure control in high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries: an analysis of the PURE study data. The Lancet Public Health, 2 (9). e411. ISSN 24682667

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