Consumer Acceptance and Preference Study (CAPS) on Brown and Undermilled Indian Rice Varieties in Chennai, India

Sudha, V and Spiegelman, D and Hong, B and Malik, V and Jones, C and Wedick, N M and Hu, F B and Willett, W C and Bai, M R and Ponnalagu, M M and Arumugam, K and Mohan, V (2013) Consumer Acceptance and Preference Study (CAPS) on Brown and Undermilled Indian Rice Varieties in Chennai, India. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 32 (1). p. 50. ISSN 0731-5724

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Objectives: To study consumer acceptance of unmilled brown and undermilled rice among urban south Indians. Methods: Overweight and normalweight adults living in slum and nonslum residences in Chennai participated (n = 82). Bapatla (BPT) and Uma (red pigmented) rice varieties were chosen. These rice varieties were dehusked (unmilled, 0% polish) and further milled to 2.3% and 4.4% polishing (undermilled). Thus, 9 rice samples in both raw and parboiled forms were provided for consumer tasting over a period of 3 days. A 7-point hedonic scale was used to rate consumer preferences. A validated questionnaire was used to collect demographic, anthropometric, medical history, physical activity, dietary intake data, and willingness of the consumers to switch over to brown rice. Results: Consumers reported that the color, appearance, texture, taste, and overall quality of the 4.4% polished rice was strongly preferred in both varieties and forms. Ratings for 0% polished (brown rice) were substantially lower than those of 2.3% polished rice, which were intermediate in ratings between 0% and 4.4% polishing. However, most of the consumers (93%) expressed a willingness to substitute brown or 2.3% polished rice, if affordable, after the taste tests and education on nutritional and health benefits of whole grains. Conclusion: Though most consumers preferred polished white rice, education regarding health benefits may help this population switch to brown or undermilled rice. Cooking quality and appearance of the grains were perceived as the most important factors to consider when purchasing rice among Chennai urban adults.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:white rice; red rice; raw rice; parboiled rice; diabetes; obese Asian Indians
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