Association of serum adiponectin with diabetic microvascular complications among south Indian type 2 diabetic subjects — (CURES-133)

Pradeepa, R and Surendar, J and Indulekha, K and Chella, S and Anjana, R M and Mohan, V (2015) Association of serum adiponectin with diabetic microvascular complications among south Indian type 2 diabetic subjects — (CURES-133). Clinical Biochemistry, 48 (1-2). p. 33. ISSN 00099120

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OBJECTIVES: To assess the association of serum adiponectin and microvascular complications of diabetes in an urban south Indian type 2 diabetic population. DESIGN AND METHODS: Diabetic subjects [n=487] were included from Chennai Urban Rural Epidemiology Study (CURES). Four-field stereo retinal color photography was done and diabetic retinopathy (DR) was classified as non-proliferative DR (NPDR) or proliferative DR (PDR) according to the Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study grading system. Sight threatening DR (STDR) was defined as the presence of NPDR with diabetic macular edema, and/or PDR. Neuropathy was diagnosed if vibratory perception threshold of the great toe using biothesiometry exceeded ≥20V. Nephropathy was diagnosed if urinary albumin excretion (UAE) was ≥30μg/mg creatinine. Serum total adiponectin levels were measured by radioimmunoassay. RESULTS: Subjects with any microvascular complications had significantly higher levels of adiponectin levels compared to those without the complications (geometric mean: 6.1 vs. 5.3μg/mL, p=0.004). The adiponectin level was significantly higher in subjects with DR (6.8 vs. 5.5μg/mL, p=0.004) and neuropathy (5.6 vs. 6.5μg/mL, p=0.024) compared to those without. Adiponectin levels were not significantly different in subjects with and without nephropathy. Serum adiponectin levels increased with the severity of DR [No DR - 5.5μg/mL; NPDR without DME - 6.5μg/mL; STDR - 8.3μg/mL, p=0.001]. Regression analysis revealed adiponectin to be associated with microvascular disease (presence of neuropathy and/or retinopathy and/or nephropathy) (OR: 1.44, 95% CI: 1.01-2.06, p=0.049) even after adjusting for age, gender, BMI, HbA1c, diabetes of duration, serum cholesterol and triglycerides, hypertension and medication status. CONCLUSION: In Asian Indians with type 2 diabetes, serum adiponectin levels are associated with microvascular complications and also with the severity of retinopathy.

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