Hypoglycemia in type 2 diabetes: Standpoint of an experts′ committee (India hypoglycemia study group)

Singh, V and Srikanta, S S and Tripathi, K K and Viswanathan, Vijay and Wangnoo, S K and Mohan, V and Joshi, S R and Bhansali, A and Badgandi, M and Chowdhury, S and Deshpande, N and Godbole, S and Kannan, K and Kumar, S and Jayakumar, R V and Nair, T and Narang, P and Nigam, A and Saikia, M and Sethi, B K and Shekar, M A (2012) Hypoglycemia in type 2 diabetes: Standpoint of an experts′ committee (India hypoglycemia study group). Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 16 (6). p. 894. ISSN 2230-8210



The epidemic of type 2 diabetes and the recognition that achieving specific glycemic goals can substantially reduce morbidity have made the effective treatment of hyperglycemia a top priority. Despite compelling evidence that tight glycemic control is crucial for delaying disease progression, increased risk of hypoglycemia associated with such control underscore the complexity of diabetes management. In most cases, hypoglycemia results from an excess of insulin, either absolute or relative to the available glucose substrate and the factors perhaps exacerbating the risk are pharmacokinetic imperfections, behavioral, co-morbidities etc. Additionally, many patients remain undiagnosed, and many diagnosed patients are not treated appropriately. In this article, the challenges of hypoglycemia, confronting health care providers and their patients with diabetes, are discussed for making treatment decisions that will help minimize risk of hypoglycemia and eventually overcome formidable barriers to optimal diabetes management. Strategies to treat and minimize the frequency and severity of hypoglycemia without compromising on glycemic goals are also presented.

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