Epidemilogy of Diabetes in Different Regions of India

Mohan, V and Pradeepa, R (2009) Epidemilogy of Diabetes in Different Regions of India. Health Administrator, 22 (1-2). pp. 1-18.



India is currently experiencing an epidemic of diabetes mellitus. In order to understand the true extent of the problem and its impact on diabetes care, there is a need to review the epidemiology of diabetes from different regions of India. Epidemiology of diabetes in India has an extensive history. The earliest national study reported an overall prevalence of 2.1 % in urban areas and 1.5% in rural areas. From the available region wise population based studies it is clear that in the last two decades, there has been a marked increase in the prevalence of diabetes among both urban as well as the rural Indians, with southern India having the sharpest increase. Subsequent studies confirmed this high prevalence of diabetes in urban south India. Today, the prevalence of diabetes in the urban metros of India is approaching the figures reported in the affluent migrant Indians. Although in rural India the prevalence of diabetes is much lower than in the urban population, even here the prevalence of diabetes is rapidly rising, though clearly more studies are needed. Nevertheless, there is enough information to derive significant conclusions and projections that will not only help define the burden of diabetes in India but also throw some light on the causes of the diabetes epidemic. Environmental and lifestyle changes resulting from industrialization and migration to urban environment from rural settings may be responsible to a large extent, for this epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in Indians. In addition, given the large number of people with Type 2 diabetes in our country, the morbidity due complications associated with it would still be very high. Thus, effective preventive programmes need to be urgently implemented to stem the tide.

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